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Students should be reading for 15 minutes each school night Monday - Thursday. You can read to them, they can read to you, or they can listen to a book. As the school year continues I will send books for them to read at home.
Your child has access to MyOn which has lots of online books to listen to or read.  If they sign in to Clever (login with Google), they should scroll to the blue and green R (Renaissance) then click it, next click the purple circle that says MyOn.  
Students can also use Freckle (the pig icon) located in the Renaissance App in Clever.  They can choose Reading or Math to review and practice skills.
Logging into Google:  your child's school email (this can be found in ASPEN) and their password.  All passwords have been reset to their year of graduation (2035) and their student ID# (also found in ASPEN).  No spaces between 2035 and the ID#.
Reach out if you need help!
See the below graphic for the importance of reading to your child!  Also, reading in ANY language will help does not have to be in English.